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Online Marketing is constantly evolving, which is both exciting and challenging. As technology grows and new channels emerge, you need a company with a wealth of interactive marketing experience as your guide. Digital marketing is not easy and starting with the right strategies in place is essential to your success.

G-Squared Interactive brings over 18 years of interactive marketing experience. We leverage our deep and broad skill-set to help you build dynamic online marketing strategies that increase sales and profitability.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Ranking highly in organic search has become critically important for businesses and organizations. When prospective customers are looking for assistance, advice, products, or services, they search for them online. And you need to be there.

G-Squared Interactive has helped companies across a wide range of industries achieve high rankings and targeted traffic from organic search, including consumer goods, online auctions, internet yellow pages, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, electronics, video gaming, entertainment, and video production.
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SEM (Paid Search or PPC) SEM (Paid Search, PPC) and Social Advertising
SEM, also known as Paid Search or PPC, has become a powerful online marketing channel. SEM enables you to reach potential customers at several points during the customer lifecycle, including the point at which they are ready to buy. In addition, the ability to track paid search campaigns at a granular level enables you to optimize those campaigns at a fast pace and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI.)
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Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing (SMM)
Social media marketing provides new and powerful ways to engage a targeted audience. Facebook has over 500 million members spending incredible amounts of time on the platform. Twitter has grown at an exponential rate, and "real time" has become the new standard for engaging customers.

With all the buzz about social media, many businesses are wondering how to best approach this new area of online marketing. G-Squared Interactive has helped a wide range of companies leverage social media to engage targeted audiences. We believe it takes an avid social media user to understand how to build powerful social media strategies.
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Web Analytics ServicesWeb Analytics Strategy and Analysis
Digital marketing moves at light speed. As companies launch new campaigns, take advantage of new opportunities, and test new channels, it's critically important to understand the performance of each effort. Unfortunately, many companies don't have the proper web analytics setup or strategy in place to effectively gauge the true ROI of their campaigns.

Glenn Gabe of G-Squared Interactive works heavily with several industry-leading web analytics packages and programs. He currently helps companies develop strong web analytics strategies in order to clearly understand the performance of their campaigns. From audits to strategy to ongoing analysis to conversion rate optimization (CRO), G-Squared Interactive can help you gain incredible clarity with regard to what's working, and what's not.
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